Around here we make custom, hand made saddles,
Our saddles are made on custom made trees, so if you need bigger/smaller or different angle knee pads, cantle backs or bars, we can do it. If you would like one all carved, or stamped up, we can do that too.  We don’t believe a custom saddle should only come in 2 or3 sizes and only one shape. Give us a call and we will talk about a saddle you need.

Ben & Jessie Morrow


Prices correct as of web update in August 2016 and current wait on a saddle is 5 months, due to constant material increases prices may increase with-out notice .Your price is locked in once a deposit is paid.


ph 0267361575

mob 0429843543

email:  morrowmade@hotmail.com

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/morrowmadesaddles/